Four MBSR Courses Taught in NYC with Dr. Myra Weiss

Dr. Myra Weiss offers four different Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction classes in New York City to help you reduce stress in your life.

A 30-minute, Free Evaluation Session is required to consider the appropriateness of these programs for you. »Click Here to contact Dr. Weiss to schedule an evaluation.

The Courses:

Mindfullness Based Stress Reduction
Taught to Individuals and Dyads (2 People)

This 6-session Course provides deeper and broader impacts on your life. MBSR is a self-directed way to create greater awareness and control in your life. Awareness permits choice in how to respond and influence circumstances, as opposed to being carried away by reacting to currents of stress. »Click Here for more details.

4 Session Course on Chronic Anxiety
For Individuals And Dyads Living With Chronic Anxiety

This Course teaches “Concentration Practice.” The student learns to keep oneself anchored by working with the breath (or another anchor of their choice) and “attentional control.” The intentions of the Course are reduced overall feelings of anxiety, and acute anxiety experiences are arrested. »Click Here for more details.

Basic Stress Reduction
For Individuals and Dyads

This 2-session Course facilitates relaxing the body and calming the mind. As featured in OPRAH Magazine (October, 2002), students indicated that this Course and the Basic Stress Reduction CD increased their ability to move through tasks quickly and calmly. »Click Here for more details.

Graduate MBSR Course
Taught To Individuals, Dyads, & in 6 – 10 Person Groups

This Course offers advanced meditation experiences, as well as intellectual and emotional support which is triggered by Dr Weiss’ handouts that heighten awareness of self and mutual support among group members. »Click Here to read stories and reviews.

Read The Reviews! / See What People Are Saying!

  • "Dr. Weiss has done it again! Her other CDs have helped me with the stress and challenges I experience. This new CD helps me address and ease the daily pain I have, as a sufferer of Fibromyalgia. Her calming voice and guidance helps me focus on and then relieve my pain. All I have to do is lay down, push the start button, and listen. This CD should be a staple in the offices of Pain Management Providers."
    H.H., Motivational Speaker
  • "This is a wonderful CD that instantly gave me calmness to breathe through my physical pain and relieved a great deal of pain when I finished the meditation. It's slighlty different from Dr. Weiss' other CD's yet very effective. It's wonderful to know that there is something that helps pain other than medication.I strongly recommend it."
    L.B.D., HR Counselor
  • "In today's world, we're always looking to go from 0 to 60 mph as quickly as possible. MBSR teaches us to go from 60 mph to 0, while maintaining awareness of the world around us."
    E.B., Financial Analyst
  • "Myra gave very customized suggestions to each individual so that no one in the group got lost along the way. Everyone was both equally important as both a student and teacher."
    M.S., Writer